Real Estate Valuations
Quality appraisal services
Experience and Quality that Counts:
Real Estate Valuations specializes in the rural market place, offering over 13
years of experience. The experience offered includes a wide scope of property
types from the small residential property to the multi-million dollar medical
center. Real Estate Valuations even has experience in special use properties
such as golf courses and churches.

Reports are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether its a desk top review or
detailed narrative report, Real Estate Valuations has the experience to provide
you with a quality report.
Professionalism You Depend On:
Real Estate Valuations presents professionalism and knowledge of its market place
that reflects on you.
Real Estate Valuations recognizes the importance of your
time requirements and strives to meet your deadlines on every report.
At the same
time, Real Estate Valuations understands your need to be competitive within the
lending marketplace and strives to keep the appraisal fees at level that is
acceptable to you and your client.
Commercial reports on all property types
Residential form reports
FHA approved
New construction and construction draw inspections
Farm appraisals
Market studies and consulting
Beth S. Downey
Indiana Certified General Appraiser
Indiana Certified General Appraiser with
over 1
5 years of experience in residential
and commercial real estate.
Phone: 765-364-1800
Fax: 765-364-1811
John E. Downey, MBA
Indiana Trainee Appraiser
A business and manufacturing background
which brings insight and enthusiasm to the
appraisal field.